Why Use a Professional Pet Sitter?

Your Pets Will Love to Stay at Home!

Most of us work more than 40 hours a week, added onto that is the commute and time spent running errands. That leaves our pets home alone more than 60% of their time. When pets are alone too long it can lead to boredom and the development of bad habits. Having your pet attended to during the day relieves the stress and boredom of being left home alone for so many hours. In our daily 30 minutes your pet has the opportunity to have a walk or just some playtime and of course hugs and kisses. You would be helping your pet stay healthy. Exercise for your pet can give them energy, help maintain a healthy weight, keep muscles and joints flexible and help them live longer; above all your pets will feel better. Boredom to leads to over-eating and excessive sleep. The result is an overweight and out of shape pet. Not only can exercise extend your furry friends lives, it may also expend some of their nervous energy and make them a little less likely to be destructive around the house. The growing population of pet sitters in and around cities indicated a vital need for owners and their pets to have our service.

They will follow their normal routine which helps reduce stress while you are away.

Your pets will avoid being exposed to other animals which may have contagious diseases.

Your pet won't be traumatized by the travel to and from the kennel, and you won't have to be inconvenienced.

Your pet receives one on one personal attention and love while you are away.

You can feel confident that your pet is safe at home in loving and capable hands.

You can take advantage of the additional services we offer such as plant watering, taking in the mail, light rotation and house security check.