About Our Service

About Us

Latch Key Pets is a professional pet sitting service. Laura is a professional pet sitter and is bonded and insured by the Insurers of the Carolinas. She is a member of Pet Sitters International and she also earned a certificate from the American Red Cross of NJ, which recognizes she successfully completed the requirements for pet first aid.

Laura has always been an avid animal lover and has owned numerous pets throughout her life. She has owned Cats, Dogs, Birds, Fish, Reptiles, Hamsters and Rabbits.

Laura decided to start Latch Key Pets because of her caring and compassion for animals. It is important to Latch Key Pets that your pets are well cared for by professional pet sitters only. It is Latch Key Pets number one goal to provide the very best care and attention for you pets.

Laura and Latch Key Pets gain tremendous satisfaction and enjoyment from playing, feeding, hugging and taking care of your pets while you are away. Even cleaning up after them is important in order to ensure your pet is properly cared for and comfortable.

What We Offer

We will come to your home mornings, afternoons and evenings to spend one on one time with your pet. We offer out services for dog walking, pet sitting, playtime, feeding, brushing, medicating and loving. We will also make sure your home is safe and secure by bringing in the mail, attending to the trash, lights and plants.

We understand that your pets are like members of your family. When you can't be there we will be. By your pets staying in their home, they will feel secure.

We will monitor any medical changes in your pets, take them to the veterinarian if necessary and inform you of the problem.

We will follow the owners directions for pet and home care. We are not liable for any damage your pet may cause to your property or premises while following your instructions.

We will provide sitters that are caring, well trained, bonded and insured. We will also leave a note summarizing all of our visits.

Free Initial Consultation

We will meet at your home with you and your pets.

Gather all pertinent information (Medical History, Feeding, Habits).

Review of paperwork, rates and contract.

Mailing Address

Latch Key Pets

P.O Box 5629

Hillsborough, NJ 08844